Hi-Tech Fiber Group Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation (CHTC). We have seven second grade wholly owned and holding subsidiaries, including CHTC HELON Co.,Ltd, Baoding Swan New-Type Fiber Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, Shengyang Zhongheng New Materials Co.,Ltd, Hi-tech Jiangxi Textile Design Institute Co., LTD, Jiangsu Mingyang Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd, Hi-Tech Polyace Bio-Based Fiber Co.,Ltd, etc. and CHTC Sinofiber Wuxi Co.,Ltd.

顺发娱乐Our company takes advantage of the technology and equipment of CHTC, integrate the production process, engineering and equipment resources of new type fibers in domestic market and focus on developing the new types which are high-performance, environment-friendly, high-tech and renewable. We also use modern technologies to promote the technology progress and upgrade and lead the development of the industry by modern technologies.

Our company aimed at leading the “green manufacturing” of the new type fiber, building the R&D center and production base for new cellulose fiber, high performance fiber and their products, establishing the most competitive engineering contractor and technical service provider for new type and biomass fibers and constructing a new type fiber material industry with the largest scale, most advanced technology, the highest automation level and the strongest innovation ability. We will keep on making efforts in facilitating the construction of new type fiber industry, elevating the scientific and technical level of China, accelerating the modernization of the national defense and enhancing the well-being of people.

Our business mainly includes the marketing, R&D and engineering technical service of differential viscose, lyocell fiber, polylactic acid fiber, high-performance fibers and their advanced composites.